Saturday, 14 July 2012

Starting to blog

Amuse bouche made on our hands at Librije restaurant

I finally decided to start my own blog about food, cooking, wine & culinary travels to foodie destinations; things that make life so beautiful ;).
Being back home in the Netherlands after backpacking 8 months in South and Central America made me feel a bit restless. It felt great to see all our friends and family again, sleep in our own bed, having a hot shower every day and not moving around every other 2 or 3 days.
But what I had missed most was the food!

Not only the typical Dutch delicacies like fresh brown bread and off course old Dutch cheese but just to have a choice of what to eat and cook everyday. Even the possibility to choose wine from all around the world and the more rare Dutch wines (yes they exist!) felt like a luxury. The Netherlands is a small country but we have adapted food and ingredients from all over; in every big city in the Netherlands you can find Indonesian, Thai and Suriname shops, a Moroccan or Turkish butcher and all kinds of restaurants from Sushi to Tapas and from Greek to Afghan.

It's funny how you have to travel all around the world to appreciate that even more.
With all new energy, recipes and tastes from our big trip still in my mind and the rediscovery of all the good things the Netherlands has to offer. I think it's time for a new challenge and get in touch with other crazy foodies to share thoughts and ideas!
So welcome to my blog and feel free to post comments.

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  1. What an exciting new project! Welcome to the blog world. I admit that I didn't know that Dutch wines existed! I can already tell that I'll learn so much from your blog!


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