Saturday, 28 July 2012

Smoked herring

I find it's harder to blog that I thought; plenty of topics to blog about but then there is the problem of time!
Only 24 hours in a day... And because English is not my first language  it requires more time and energy to type it all out. At least google translate is used a lot lately. On top of that I also decided that I would like to blog both in English and Dutch and that costs even more time! So it will take me a while to post the blogs more regularly; until then I just enjoy thinking about new topics and making notes till I find the time to post them.

This is just short little blog about a recipe I tried last night. Well it's not really a recipe because it doesn't even requires proper cooking! But it's really tasty and easy to make. Something different from the regular appetizers with smoked salmon and really helpful because I had my pregnant niece over for dinner ;).
At the fish store I bought some smoked herring and didn't really know what to do with it. 
Internet didn't  provide a recipe for a nice appetizer so I made it up. 
It turned out great by roasting some white bread to toast and remove the crusts, cut them in 4 pieces then half of them I smeared with salty butter and the other half with sun dried tomato paste. Top them of with a piece of smoked herring.


  1. Wow! Blogging in two languages! I'm impressed. I love the sound of that appetiser. I don't think I can buy smoked herring in Australia. Could I use other smoked fish instead??

    1. Yes you can; I think smoked mackerel is a good choice.

  2. Erik van Alphen30 July 2012 at 21:14

    Tasted marvelous

  3. Erik van Alphen30 July 2012 at 21:15

    Mijn pa vertelde me dat ze gerookte haring ook wel 'bokking' noemen... Zie volgende website voor meer uitleg:


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