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My name is Ilona, blogging as 'Crazy Dutch Foodie'. I think about food every minute of the day; eating it, buying it, cooking it, talking about it. When I travel the first thought of the day is 'where are we going to lunch' and I always try to taste the local specialties wherever I go. 
All of that preferably in the company of a good glass of wine! 
So I guess I'm pretty much a crazy Dutch foodie ;-)

I became enthusiastic about writing when I kept some sort of travel blog during two big trips around the world. It was just to keep family and friends informed but it gave me energy and I really loved doing that. Back home again I decided to combine all the things that I like best and write a blog about it. I can only hope it will be an inspiration for others to try some recipes and enjoy culinary delights all over the world.

It was also only after coming home from our last big trip in South & Central America I became to appreciate the typical Dutch food and products even more. 
To keep all the eating and drinking in balance, and to clear my head now and then, I go running at least two times a week. I plan on writing a new post every week with a focus on (Typical Dutch) Food & Travel (in the Foodie Destination labels)

You can contact me by email: crazydutchfoodie AT  gmail DOT com or through Twitter @CrazyDFoodie.

Book, Product and Restaurant Reviews
Once in a while I write about books, restaurants or products I like. My policy is to not accept free products or books for review. Nor do I accept free dinners or trips.  If I review a book or a product it is because I have personally bought it, and either read it or use it. All the restaurants, cooking courses and Foodie Destinations I visit are paid by myself. I only recommend things to readers if I’m very enthusiastic about it.

All photographs on Crazy Dutch Foodie were taken by myself, unless otherwise noted. In general I don’t mind if my photos are republished on other sites or media as long as there is a link back to the recipe from which the photo is taken. Except if these are photos with myself or other people on it.

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