Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Foodie New Years resolutions for 2014

Since I have not completed all of my 2013 New Years resolutions  I will start with that on my list for 2014:

1) Roast a leg of lamb;  I'm still a bit afraid that it will be either to dry of still raw. And questioning if it will fit in my oven?! 

2) Continue to blog weekly; Even though I have a lot of recipes, cookbooks and foodie travels to write about, I find it really difficult to find the time and actually post a blog about it. 

3) Learn to cook Indian food; Because I really love a good curry, naan bread or kulfi and there is no descent restaurant nearby. 

4) Attend the Basic Pastry course at Bij Robert; Robert van Beckhoven is a famous Dutch pastry chef and ever since our friend Frank told about all the delicious and beautiful deserts he learned I have been wanting to go there. 

5) Learn more about wine; because drinking wine (which I'm really good at ;-)) is not the same as actually know something about wine. I have been searching for a good wine course to attend but so far the problem is that there are none that I can reach with public transport... And it's just no option to spit it all out. Or is it?

6) Buy less cookbooks; I know it's an awful resolution but they start to take over the place. So either I have to buy less new cookbooks, sell some of the old ones or clean up the house and make some room!

7) Continue eating Low Carb; I started eating less carbs since October last year and I feel really good about it. Not that I'm losing any weight but I feel more energetic. It does take some extra effort in planning my breakfast and lunches, since I eat them at work. So with the exception of travelling, I do find it to difficult then, I love to keep eating carbs only 1 time a day. 

Happy New Year! 

I'm really curious about other foodies resolutions for 2014; you're welcome to share them in the comments.

This is me on New Years day doing a wine tasting at Gemtree Winery in McLaren Vale, Australia; working on New Years resolution number 6 ;-) 

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